All you need to know

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I have a fully equipped, air-conditioned van for transportation of dogs. And I can do off lead (or on) countryside walks.

When you come for your trial visit I can show you my boarding license and insurance certificate. I recommend you come for a trial so you and your dog are familiar with the house.

I am happy to take multiple dogs from the same family; however, places for overnight go quickly, so booking in advance is highly recommended.

If your dog is staying with us then a Pooch Patrol ID tag with our contact details on must be worn.

We love all dogs, however because we have children unfortunately we can’t take guard breeds or puppies and dogs that are not house-trained. Sorry.

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    Vets and vaccinations

In the event of any dog becoming unwell we will endeavour to transport to your stated vet or in an emergency our local vet. All veterinary costs are to be placed on the clients account. If there are any medical problems owners need to sign a disclaimer and leave at least two other contact details or people we can call in an emergency.

Please ensure the dog vaccination card is up to date and left with the dog on drop off, with any food, treats, bedding and grooming equipment. Bringing their own food will ensure the least disruption to their diet and routine as possible. Also they need to be up-to-date with their flea and worm treatments.

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Questions people need to ask themselves before boarding their dog:

  • Do they mix well with children and other dogs?
  • How will they cope with other dogs throughout their stay?
  • Are they house-trained?
  • Are they spayed/neutered?
  • Are they up-to-date with their vaccinations including kennel cough?
  • Would you give permission for them to ride in a car?
  • Do they need a crate or harness?
  • Are they microchipped and are the contact details up-to-date?
  • Any behavioural issues?
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